5 Analogies for our Peace Corps Service

Today is #5 in a series of 5 daily 5′s.  For each day this past week, I was supposed to publish a list of 5 less-than-serious things that I been a part of our Peace Corps experience. I couldn’t get to it for a week now as the internet has been on the fritz. But today, here it is: 5 analogies for our Peace Corps service.


 “If my Peace Corps service was Abbey Road, ‘Golden Slumbers’ would be playing.”

I loved this idea from fellow volunteer Jeff Jackson’s blog, and thus I have stolen the idea. We are currently serving day number 734 out of 792 total days to be spent in Thailand. Almost 93% of the way through.* But sometimes, numbers don’t give a clear picture. So like Jeff’s Peace Corps Service /Abbey Road analogy (right now “Carry That Weight” would be playing), I present to you, 5 analogies for our Peace Corps service.


1.   If our Peace Corps service was a baseball game, we would be in the bottom of the 9th inning. In fact, there would already be one out. Which means two things: 1) this baby’s almost over and 2) the best closer in the big leagues would be coming out to sling some heat right now.



2.   If our Peace Corps service was the American national anthem (and assuming we are using the golden standard, Whitney Houston and conductor Jahja Ling’s Superbowl XXV, early 90’s Persian Gulf Salute version), we would already be well into the final word, “brave”. Though to be fair, the late Mrs. Houston does hold that note for another 10 or 12 seconds.


3.   If our Peace Corps service was The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West would be melted, and the flying blue monkeys disposed of. Dorothy would be tapping her sweet crimson kicks, and wishing for home. I know the feeling.

no place like home



4.   If our Peace Corps service was a pregnancy, we would be roughly 35 weeks into the gestation period. This means that our Peace Corps service-baby would be about 6 pounds, or generally the size of a huge, overripe papaya.

six pound papaya



5.   If our Peace Corps service was a flight straight from here to Brevard, North Carolina (going east, over Japan), we would be right over Winnipeg, heading south. We would hypothetically be over American soil in mere minutes.



* As this blog was written a week before it could be posted, we are actually 7 days closer to coming home than all the analogies illustrate. Excitement!

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