My Wife Doesn’t Know

4 thoughts on “My Wife Doesn’t Know”

  1. It feels as though I got a “two-fer” because I clicked on the link. I had known about the 365project for some time and have put off attempting it, because I am also in the Peace Corps and have not thought that I could commit to a (good) photo per day. Further, I left my better camera, lenses and accessories in the States. Now, after seeing that Morgan is doing this project has encouraged me to try. Additionally, I have truly enjoyed seeing her photos. She has not only a great “eye” for composition, but also has wonderful skills regarding depth of field and use of natural lighting. Your description of her waiting by the side of the road to get precisely the photo she wanted reminds me of Henri-Cartier Bresson’s concepts of previsualization and “The decisive moment.”
    Your final comment says it all; she’s good!
    Best wishes in your continuing PC service.

    1. Lew, I have no idea how you found our little blog, but your comments meant the world to Morgan. I read what you wrote out loud to her, and she was blown away by your praises. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your own projects – – both with 365 and in the Peace Corps.

  2. Amazing photos, Morgan! When you guys get home, you should consider making a “Blurb book” of your shots/time in Thailand. I just made one documenting my pregnancy with Marleigh, and it was so easy (and fun) to design! The website is – it would make a great coffee table book, especially filled with these beautiful images! Hope you guys are doing well. We’re looking forward to seeing you when you get back into the good ol’ U S of A!


  3. We’ve watched as Morgan’s eye for photography has progressed this past year. Her ability to capture the beauty and simplicity in a wide range of subject matter is a rare gift. When it comes to the world around us, most of us can recognize the obvious, but few have the ability to see the routine, the everyday, those fleeting moments that simply go unnoticed. She spots them, captures them, and shares her digital domain for all the world to see. Morgan, thank you for letting us into your world – from half a world away.

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